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What Should Be in Your Match Day Inventory?

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 21 Sep 2015   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Whether you’re playing in a Sunday league pub match or at FA County level, there are certain items of equipment - over and above basics such as goal posts and footballs - you simply can’t do without. In order to maximise your team’s chances of success this season, it is important to ensure...

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Is £260 million of FA Money Enough to Save Grassroots Football?

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 14 Sep 2015   Posted by Malcolm Cox

As part of the FA’s National Game Strategy, the FA has announced that £260 million will be invested in grassroots football over the course of the next four years - a new record. While this might sound like an avalanche of cash, there are some within the game that believe - after so many years...

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Women in football – 21-26 AFC Women’s Futsal Championship 2015 in Malaysia

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 10 Sep 2015   Posted by Webtise

What is Futsal? Futsal - the only version of 5 aside football which is governed by FIFA. It is the fast paced game that involves a lot of technical ability, teamwork and close ball control. In the 1930s two types of small sided football games were being played in South American countries such...

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How to Minimise the Chances of Serious Injury During a Football Season

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 07 Sep 2015   Posted by Malcolm Cox

The rigours of a full football season can take a heavy toll on the body of a regular player. The nature of the game makes certain injuries inescapable at times, but it is possible to minimise the risk of suffering certain types of injury. Up to 80 percent of significant footballing injuries affect...

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