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The Top 5 Outdoor Football Toys for Kids

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 17 Jun 2014   Posted by soccerstore

  The days of jumpers for goalposts and playing football on the streets until dusk are long gone. Our children are spending their formative years on gaming consoles and tablet computers, and they’re not getting the exercise they need. Obesity levels amongst kids are rising as a result, and technical...

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Why isn’t professional football / soccer popular in the America?

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 05 Jun 2014   Posted by soccerstore

Why Are Huge Participation Levels in Grassroots Soccer Not Being Reflected in America’s Professional Game? Driving around the streets of a typical urban area in the United States is a sobering experience for an English football fan. This is because it’s not baseball and American football pitches...

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How to Become a Professional Football Coach

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 03 Jun 2014   Posted by soccerstore

The road to becoming a professional coach is a long and arduous one, but it is a pathway that is open to everyone with the determination to succeed. Whether candidates have played the game professionally or simply admired it from afar, anyone willing to put in the hard work required can realise their...

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Why is Futsal Growing in Popularity?

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 29 May 2014   Posted by soccerstore

The game of futsal is enjoying a prolonged period of growth in Europe and most of the world’s footballing nations. This shortened, five-a-side version of the game is played indoors, with each half lasting only 20 minutes. Packed with action, incident and lots of goals, futsal matches are guaranteed...

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