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What Makes a Great Football Coach?

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 08 Jul 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

The failure of the England team at Euro 2016 demonstrated just how important the head coach - and the rest of the coaching team - is to a football team’s chances of success. Despite having a wealth of talent at his disposal, Roy Hodgson couldn’t stop his team of wealthy superstars from being...

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How Will Brexit Affect Football in Britain?

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 02 Jul 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

On June 23rd 2016, the British people made the historic decision to leave the European Union. The country - and indeed the whole of Europe - now faces an uncertain future. And this uncertainty has already reared its head at every level of football in Britain. While the details of Brexit will...

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Grassroots Football in Wales Has Never Been Healthier

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 28 Jun 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

England’s national team will once again leave a major tournament finals early. But this time, the English ‘superstars’ must live with the fact that their Welsh counterparts have been the very best of British at Euro 2016. The rise of Welsh football on the international stage is not just...

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Should the FA Adopt the SFA’s Performance School Structure in England?

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 18 Jun 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

There is a huge debate raging across the UK regarding the best way to develop our footballers of the future. It is now widely accepted that we’ve fallen behind the likes of Spain and Germany in terms of technical ability, coaching and the production of well-rounded players. But the Scottish FA may have...

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