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Knee Injuries in Football: A Guide to the Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

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 02 Mar 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

The nature of football puts great strain on a player’s knees. Whether in training or in the heat of match action, the pressure of constant shifts in weight, twists and turns can take a heavy toll on the knees. A lot of players ignore twinges and nagging pains for fear of missing matches - but this...

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How Safe Are Artificial Pitches That Use Crumb Rubber?

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 25 Feb 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

18-year-old Lewis Maguire was a highly promising goalkeeper with dreams of playing in The Premier League. That was until he developed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma whilst on trial with Leeds United. Lewis’ father Nigel is a former NHS boss, and he believes that his son might have developed this aggressive...

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When to use an Ice Pack or Heat Pack for a Sport Injury?

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 22 Feb 2016   Posted by soccerstore

Confused about whether you should use ice pack or heat pack for a sport injury? Don’t worry, you are not the only person second-guessing his/her decision. Although many athletes are aware that applying ice over an acute injury will subdue the pain, but many people who aren’t pro athletes are unaware...

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Could Increasingly Severe Weather in the UK Spell Disaster for Grassroots Football?

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 17 Feb 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Football clubs, leagues and associations throughout the UK have been struggling to cope with major problems coming from almost every conceivable direction in recent years. As well as chronic underinvestment, declining participation levels and decaying facilities, a growing number of clubs are now struggling...

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