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5 Training Drills for Improving Shooting Skills

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 25 Sep 2014   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Shooting is an art-form in football, and the only way to improve it is by putting in the hours on the training pitch. The muscles, awareness and skill required to create power in a shot whilst controlling the ball are different to those needed for other facets of the game. There are five drills in particular...

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How Diet Can Affect Your Performance on the Pitch

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 15 Sep 2014   Posted by Malcolm Cox

It doesn’t how much natural ability you have, or the effort you put into your training sessions between matches; if you don’t eat properly, you’ll never reach your full playing potential. As a footballer, your diet is just as important as your touch, passing or shooting abilities. Contrary...

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How to Cool Down After a Tough Training Session

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 11 Sep 2014   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Every footballer knows the benefits of a thorough warm-up before a training session – and the consequences of not performing one. However, cool-down sessions are not so widely adopted at grassroots level, yet they can deliver a range of long-lasting benefits if performed properly. Instead of trundling...

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Can McDonald’s Be the Unlikely Saviour of Grassroots Football in the UK?

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 03 Sep 2014   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Think McDonald’s, and images of obese children, greasy fries and unsightly litter probably pop into your head. However, as the fast food giant tries desperately to change its image, grassroots football in the UK has been an unlikely beneficiary. After a successful 12-year partnership with the UK’s...

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