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Fuelling Your Body for a 90-Minute Match

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 31 Oct 2014   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Fatigue is the biggest enemy of optimal performance on a match day. Tiring too quickly during a match means you’ll be slower, less agile and distracted when you should be at the peak of your powers. Fuelling the body for a match is something of a science for professional footballers, and those...

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5 Training Drills for Improving Agility on the Football Pitch

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 23 Oct 2014   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Agility involves strengthening and conditioning certain muscles and tendons within the legs and back. It also involves maintaining balance, body control and foot speed whilst making sharp turns and staying in control of the ball. It is critical in today’s game, as football is now played at a frenetic...

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A Guide to Securing FA Affiliation for Your Club

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 16 Oct 2014   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Starting a football club can be a daunting prospect. As well raising funds, attracting players and securing a permanent home for your new club, there is also the matter of FA affiliation to attend to. While there are several prerequisites to affiliating with the county FA, doing so can deliver several...

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What Does the Future Hold for Women’s Football?

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 10 Oct 2014   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Whilst the vast bulk of the FA’s grassroots investment it devoted to the men’s game, there is a growing feeling that women’s football deserves a larger slice of the pie. A year after the Women’s European Championship was aired live on the BBC, participation levels at grassroots level are still...

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