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What is the Premier League’s Creating Chances Programme?

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 10 Feb 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

The Premier League has come under fire in recent years for its apparent lack of activity at grassroots level in England. But has this criticism been fair? Record revenues from broadcasting deals and sponsorships have made the Premier League the richest domestic football competition in the world...

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How Premier League Clubs Are Getting Involved in Community-Based Projects

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 01 Feb 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Premier League footballers aren’t always held in the highest esteem amongst those outside the football bubble. Huge weekly wages, bad behaviour on and off the pitch and a lack of role models has left a significant section of the population cynical with regard to the game’s highest earners. But is this...

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The FA Announces Record Investment in Grassroots Football… But Where Has it All Gone?

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 25 Jan 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

The FA has come in for some stinging criticism during the last decade for its inability to reverse the trend of falling participation levels in local communities. Yet judging by their recent announcement regarding ‘record levels of investment’, the decision makers at the FA would have you believe...

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What Does the Prospect of Regular Flooding Mean for Grassroots Football Clubs?

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 18 Jan 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Climate change is having a huge impact on weather patterns in Britain, and some regions are suffering more than others. While the plight of homeowners is quite rightly reported as a priority in the press, the plight of small football clubs is often overlooked. In December, Storm Desmond wreaked...

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