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Can the FA’s Pitch Improvement Programme Halt the Decline in Grassroots Football?

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 23 Mar 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

At the end of 2015, the FA conducted the biggest ever survey into the state of grassroots football in England. Although there were many issues raised by people involved in the game, the overwhelming complaint related to the state of municipal football pitches. More than 80 percent of grassroots...

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The Footballer’s Guide to Ankle and Foot Injuries

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 18 Mar 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

The constant twists, turns and sudden changes of direction involved in football can put the ankles of a footballer under tremendous strain. Most ankle injuries involve little more than some mild pain and discomfort, but some can be career threatening. Playing through the pain might seem like...

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Liverpool to Get Four New FA-Funded Football Hubs

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 08 Mar 2016   Posted by Malcolm Cox

In 2014 the Football Association announced ambitious plans to build more than 15 so-called football hubs around the country. The FA wanted to transform the way football is played across England. What the FA really meant was that they had been shamed into doing something about rotting football...

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Fall of the Titans

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 07 Mar 2016   Posted by Chris Nielsen

Premier League: Then and Now If you listen to the critics, the elite level of football is a closed shop nowadays, with the same teams competing at the top every year. But it hasn’t always been like this – since the 1991-92 season, an incredible 49 teams have graced the country’s top division...

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