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FAQs Samba Football Goal
What age range is this goal suitable for?
The 6ft x 4ft Samba goal is recommended for up to 7 year olds. This size is also a great choice when outdoor space is limited in small gardens.
Is this goal suitable for use on hard surfaces?
Yes, but we would recommend using sandbags as counterweights. These can be purchased separately on our website.
Are they easily assembled/dismantled?
Yes, they are supplied with simple instructions.  The parts click and lock together securely and can be easily taken apart with the spring release buttons.
Is there a bag I can purchase for storage?
Yes, the Samba Home Goal Bag would be suitable for this goal.  The bags can be purchased separately on our website. 
Is the goal supplied with a net and how does it attach to the frame?
Yes, all our Samba Goals are supplied with nets. They are simply attached to the frame with the net clips provided.
Can I leave this goal out in the garden?
The Samba goals are completely weatherproof and both the frame and net are designed to be left out all year round.
Can this goal be easily packed away to transport to other locations?
Yes, the parts have a quick spring release mechanism. The goal can be dismantled in less than 10 minutes. For storage/transportation you would need the  Multi-Goal carry bag.
What are the dimensions of this goal?
The goal is 7ft wide, 5ft high and 4ft 1 inches in depth.
Is it easy to move the goal once assembled? How heavy is it?
The goal weighs 13kg and can be easily moved without the ground anchors. With the original Samba locking system, you can safely drag the goals without the goal parts coming adrift.
How does the net attach to the frame?
Once the frame is assembled, the net fits by wrapping it around the frame and securing with the net clips provided.
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