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Baselayers & Compression

A range of thermal base layers from Precision Training and Canterbury designed to be worn tight to the skin to improve performance, wick away sweat and keep the body warm during cold weather. These base layers are suitable for all active sports.
Take a look at the top players throughout the football season and apart from kit, boots, and shin pads you will notice one extra piece of kit that they are all wearing, baselayers or compression wear tops. Short sleeve or long sleeve, in every colour, to match their kits, they are all wearing base layers. If the top flight players are wearing them should you be? What are the advantages of wearing this extra layer of clothing? The material used in these garments is made from lightweight fabrics that wick away sweat. In cold weather this means that there is not a layer of cold moisture against a player’s skin. Therefore players do not get chilly and waste valuable energy keeping warm. In hot weather the average player sweats up to a kilo of weight of fluids during ninety minutes of football. Wearing a football base layer eliminates this problem ensuring that a player is not carrying around this extra weight during a game. Compression for the treatment of injuries has long been recognised. This technology is now being used in compression wear. The garments are designed to improved blood flow and increase the oxygen delivered to the area of compression. This reduces muscle fatigue and allows a footballer to train harder and play longer. The garments can also be worn after games for recovery. A player can recover quicker and return to training sooner. The top flight players are wearing these tops for good reasons. They are available for all players at all levels from youth football to professional football.

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