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Compression Wear

Compression clothing is being worn more and more by footballers rather than the traditional base layers. Compression wear not only keeps players warm during games but has many benefits both during match play and post-match. The range of clothing commonly worn by footballers includes shirts, tights, shorts, calf guards and quad guards; Benefits of Compression Clothing
The main benefit is that these garments are scientifically shown to improve sporting performance and aid recovery.
Other benefits include:
Compression targets muscle alignment, which gives wearers greater muscle stamina and endurance and reduces the muscle damage during play. By reducing muscle vibration post-match swelling and Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is minimized.
By improving circulation compression wear accelerates the speed at which muscles recover after exercise. They also provide excellent support and reduce muscle damage. Compression tights, shorts and shirts are made from fabrics that wick moisture from the surface of the skin, hence keeping football players dry and comfortable and regulating their core body temperature during and after play
Leggings or tights target your hamstrings and quads. They help to improve a player's blood circulation and reduce fatigue, helping to prevent legs from getting tired during and after play. They also aid muscle recovery and remove blood lactate during exercise.
Compression shorts are form-fitting and normally worm under football shorts. They target hamstrings and quads. Providing both comfort and improved performance, they are a necessity for any keen footballer.
Compression shirts target the upper arms and body core. They can keep you dry, warm and comfortable during play.

Of course all of this does cost a little more than the average base layer but we believe that you should look after your body to prevent injuries.
After all you would think little of spending £60 - £100 on a car service, so why not invest the same on yourself.
We also stock a range of cheap base layers.

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