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Goalkeeper Gloves

There are three considerations to make when choosing your glove. These are glove cut, with or without finger save and glove foam.
1. Glove Cut – This is how the foam of the glove on the palm is cut. There are several different cuts as described below.
Flat Palm Gloves
Flat palm gloves are the traditional cut for goalkeeping gloves. The palm is cut from a single flat piece of latex foam which is attached to the back of the glove by a seam on the outside. Flat palm gloves generally fit looser around the fingers.
Roll Finger Gloves 
Roll finger gloves are the most popular style of glove used by goalkeepers in the UK. Again the palm is cut from a single piece of latex foam, but the foam in this instance is rolled around the palm side of the fingers. It is then attached to the back of the glove on the top side of the hand. This adds more foam to the glove giving it a greater surface area which has obvious advantages. This style of glove will fit snug around the keepers fingers.
Negative Cut
The negative cut glove is the reverse of the flat palm where the back of the glove is virtually flat and the foam on the palm folds around the fingers.Again this give a larger area of foam. As with the roll finger gloves these fit quite snugly around the fingers.
2. With or without finger save – The finger save is the rigid insert on the outside each finger. It is down to personal preference when choosing this type of glove.
3. Glove Foam – The foam quality on a keepers glove will vary with the softer gloves having better gripping properties and the harder foams better durability.

Glove Care
Like any garment, care should be taken with goal keepers gloves after your training session or match. This will ultimately prolong their life and performance. Before use they should be slightly dampened to improve their grip. After use any mud needs to be cleaned off using lukewarm water (without detergents). They should be dried off at room temperature and not put in to a tumble drier or onto a radiator.

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In addition to our range of gloves we also offer a range of padded base layers for goalkeepers, rebounders for improving reaction and response and shin pads for protection.
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