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Can the goal be folded when set up in all sizes?
Yes, the folding mechanism is in the corner joints and these remain the same regardless of size being used.
Is the goal supplied with different size nets?
The goal is supplied with a 12 x 6ft net. The 8 x 6ft net can be added as an additional extra.
Do I need any tools to assemble or resize the goal?
No tools are required to assemble the goals. They have the same click and lock parts that the standard Samba goals have.
Is there a guarantee with this goal?
Yes, all the Samba Goals have a 12 month guarantee. If any of the parts become damaged, please get in touch and we will arrange for replacements to be sent out.
How long will the net last and am I able to buy replacement?
The nets supplied are rot proof and UV resistant. They are made from 2.5mm twine for extra strength and they can be left outside on the goal all year round without deteriorating. Replacement nets can be purchased on our website.
What is the weight of this goal?
The weight of the 12 x 6ft is 15kg. When made up to the 8 x 6ft size, the weight is 13kg.
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