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My son is 11 years old. Would this goal be the right size for him?
The 12 x 6ft locking goal is the ideal size for a medium to large garden. This would be the perfect size for his age and is the size used for 7-a-side mini soccer games.
Can this goal be folded away flat for storage?
This goal can’t be folded but the parts can be easily dismantled for storage/transportation. The goal can then be re-assembled in less than 20 minutes. If a folding mechanism is a specific requirement, we do have the 12 X 6 Fold-A-Goal.  
Can the goal be used on tarmac?
Yes, it can but to prevent the goal from moving, it would be advisable to use sandbags on each end of the frame. You can purchase the Deluxe Sandbags on our website.
Does the goal come with a carry bag?
The goal is not supplied with at bag but can be added as an optional extra.
What is the difference between the locking model and the more expensive Match Goal?
The Match goal has curved tension bar that creates a top runback to the goal. The locking model has no runback and is generally the choice for garden use. There is no difference in quality of materials used so they are equally robust.
Is this the price for one goal or is for a pair?
The price is for one goal.
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