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Can I use this goal indoors or does it need to be secured with anchors on grass?
The goal can be used indoors but to prevent the goal from sliding and for safety measures, you would need to use additional weights such as sandbags. These can be purchased on our website.
What is the thickness of the goal tubing?
The goal frame tubing is 68mm in diameter. The corners and joints on Samba Goals are 80% thicker than those on competitor goals. This makes them more durable and less likely to become damaged.
I have limited space in my garden. Could you tell me the length of the side bars that sit on the grass?
The depth of the 8 x 6ft Locking Samba Goal frame is 4ft 2inches. The perfect choice for medium size gardens.
Is there a target net I can purchase for this size goal?
Yes, we have the 8 x 6ft Sharpshooter target net available. We also have shooting targets. These are sold in sets of 2 and can be attached to the goal frame with velcro straps.    
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