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What is the recommended age range for using this goal?
The Samba 8 x 6ft Match Goal is recommended for 7 - 14 year olds for practice.
Can I buy a conversion kit for this to turn it into a 12 x 6ft goal?
Conversion kits are not available for the Match Goals.  If you are looking for a goal that could be extended at some point, you would need to choose a locking model.
How does the match goal differ to the locking model?
The Match Goal has a different design that includes an extra piece that runs back from the top corners. This creates a roof to the goal frame. The Match Goal also has a greater base depth than the locking model.
What can I use to anchor the goal for use on Astro Turf?
Sandbags are a good solution for using goals on surfaces other than grass. These can be purchased through our website.
What is the thickness of the nets supplied with the Samba Goals?
The heavy-duty net is made of 2.5mm twine, capable of withstanding the strongest impact from a football. The nets on the Samba Goals are also designed be left outside all year round. 
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