My 11 year old boy is in a confused state. He just wants to play his game but he has managers, coaches and parents on his back telling him not to do this, not to do that. He asks me what I think he should do, my answer is to just go out and enjoy yourself.
Probably a familiar situation, but why can't we just let the kids play football in a playground fashion. Of course they need some coaching now and then but the constant barrage does them no good at all. The game is controlled by adults, coaches who think they are the next England manager, parents who think that their son is the next David Beckham.
Too much emphasis is placed on winning, kids are left on the bench just because the team is trying to get a result.
Kids are not allowed to express themselves, the excitement goes out of football.
Parents stand back, watch and encourage. Set up a football crowd control barrier 10 foot from the touchline and don't go beyond it.
Coaches, relax, let the kid enjoy their football, winning isn't everything.

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