To win ball & counter attack at speed.


Play takes place on half a pitch with 2 full size goals & the pitch split in half by cones.

A supply of balls are placed in each goal with a keeper at either end. Organise 3 teams of 6. A team of white is in one half with 6 red v 6 yellow in the other half.


Red attack yellow. If yellow gain possession of the ball the red team stop while the yellow team attack the white team in the other half.

Teams continue to attack until they lose the ball.

The session is based around transition.


1. The team that loses possession can try to regain the ball before it leaves their half.


Trying to win possession;

• Concentrate on closing down - 'PRESS'. When a player goes to win possession players around them close space - tuck in. Don't dive in!

• Keep shape, apply pressure while others react & drop off but cover space in behind.

• Communication.

• Nearest player pressures the ball.

• On the call, 'PRESS', all players should look to win the ball off the opposition.

• Recovery run.

In possession;

• Break & attack at speed.

• Quality passing - weight & accuracy.

• Decision making.

• Support play.

• Work rate on / off ball.

• Receive ball side on.

• Head up.

• Play simple pass or run with ball.

• Look for space.

• Use of width & depth.