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Why Small-Sided Football Matches Are Important to the Development of Youngsters

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 22 Jul 2017   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Young children need lots of time with the ball in order to develop their touch and control. Unfortunately, there are still too many kids playing 11-a-side football on pitches that are too big. Games involving four, five or six players on each time have been shown to be much more effective at developing...

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5 Warm-Down Exercises That Can Prevent Muscle Injuries

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 17 Jul 2017   Posted by Malcolm Cox

The whole concept of warming down is relatively new in English football. Many in the game believe it was Arsene Wenger who first introduced regular warm-downs to Premier League clubs. From the moment Wenger arrived at Arsenal, he did away with the group baths in favour of group warm-down sessions....

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Welcome to the Latest in Shin Guard Technology

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 07 Jul 2017   Posted by Malcolm Cox

Shin guards are now mandatory at most levels of the footballing pyramid. When they were first introduced, they were relatively primitive. Now, however, the modern shin guard uses a range of new technologies to deliver maximum protection and mobility. It is believed that the shin guard was first...

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Professional Pre-Season Training Tips You Can Use at Your Club

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 03 Jul 2017   Posted by Malcolm Cox

It’s finally July again. The barren month of June is often hard for amateur footballers. There’s no football on the telly, and even less in the community. For committed and enthusiastic players, the summer is torture. Anyone who regularly plays the game at a reasonable level will know how exciting...

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