Pop Up Football Goals

Pop up goals are great where a goal is needed quickly. At the end of a training session, a quick game in the park or at beach. These goals are quite cheap to buy and can be put up in seconds and folded away just as quickly (once you have the knack.) They are lightweight and can easily be transported.

They are not as solidly built as a Samba Goal and not a replacement for this type of goal. If are looking for something for the kids to play with in the garden and leave up all year round then pop up goals are not for you. Take a look at our range of portable plastic goals.
At The Soccer Store we sell two main types of pop up goals, the traditional Pop Up Garden Goal type and the newer Quickplay Kickster goals.
Although the PUGG type fold away flat they can be quite bulky to transport around. They are available in two size 4ft and 6ft. This measurement is taken across the base. When using this type of goal on a hard surface you will need to have some means of weighing it down as the wind can move it around quite a bit.
The newer Kickster football goals take a traditional form of two uprights and a crossbar. These are made from a webbing material which is pulled taught by an arrangement of poles. The Kickster goals are very lightweight and portable and can be erected in around a minute. There is a good choice of sizes to choose from including 6 x 4ft, 8 x 5ft, 12 x 6ft and even a 16 x 7ft goal.
New to our range of pop up goals are the Bazooka and Bownet goals which are favoured by coaches as they are sturdier than the tradition pop-up-goals and will withstand the rigours of weekly training sessions. Unlike traditional pop ups these goals do not need to be weighted down when in use.

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  1. PROGOAL Pop up Goals (Pair)
    PROGOAL Pop up Goals (Pair)
    As low as £39.95 RRP £49.95 Save £10.00
  2. PROGOAL Football Goal 6ft x 4ft
    PROGOAL Ultra Portable Football Goal 6ft x 4ft
    £74.95 RRP £99.95 Save £25.00
  3. PROGOAL Football Goal 8ft x 4ft
    PROGOAL Ultra Portable Football Goal 8ft x 4ft
    £84.95 RRP £109.95 Save £25.00
  4. 8ft x 6ft Progoal
    PROGOAL Ultra Portable Football Goal 8ft x 6ft
    £94.95 RRP £129.95 Save £35.00
  5. 12 x 6 Pro Goal - Portable Goal Posts
    PROGOAL Portable Football Goal 12ft x 6ft
    £109.95 RRP £149.95 Save £40.00
  6. Progoal Square Pop Up Goal
    PROGOAL 4ft Square Pop-up Goals - Pair
    £39.95 RRP £49.95 Save £10.00
  7. Bazooka Goal1
    Bazooka Goal 120 x 75cm
    As low as £109.95
  8. Bazooka Goal 150 x 90 with bag
    Bazooka Goal XL 150 x 90cm
    As low as £124.95

8 Items

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