Match Footballs

Match Footballs must meet the specified requirements and have one of the marks showing the FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs. These balls will have passed a rigorous testing procedure to be awarded a FIFA quality label.

There are three standards for match balls, IMS (International Match ball Standard) FIFA Quality and the higher FIFA Quality Pro standard.

The FIFA tests check the match football’s weight, roundness, circumference, bounce, water absorption, loss of pressure over time and shape and size retention.
Our IMS balls are the Mitre Ultimatch, Ultimatch Plus, Ultimatch Plus and Precision Fusion. Our FIFA quality match balls are the Ultimatch Max, Precisin Rotario and Precision Nueno. The FIFA professional quality match balls are the Delta, Delta Plus and Delta Max.

We would recommend the Mitre Ultimatch football for youth level grass roots football. This features the Mitre Hyperseam™ technology and is suitable for use on Grass or Astroturf. For senior level league football we would recommend either the Mitre Delta One or Mitre Delta Plus match ball.

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  1. Mitre Ultimatch Football Balls
    Mitre Ultimatch Football
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  2. Mitre Ultimatch Plus Match Football
    Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football
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  3. Mitre Ultimatch Max Football Ball - White
    Mitre Ultimatch Max Football
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  4. Mitre Delta One Match Football
    Mitre Delta One Football
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  5. Mitre Delta Plus Match Ball
    Mitre Delta Plus Football
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    Mitre Delta Football - White
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