Size 5 Footballs

  • Recommended size for 14 year olds to Adults
  • Professional Ball Circumference 68.5 to 69.5cm
  • Match Ball Circumference 67.5 to 69cm
  • Training Ball Circumference 68 to 70cm
  • Professional Ball Weight 430 to 440g
  • Match Ball Weight 420 to 440g
  • Training Ball Weight 410 to 435g

A size 5 football is used for 11-a-side football from the age of under 14s to adults. We have a great range of Mitre and Precision match and training footballs at prices to suit everyone.
If you are looking for cheap size 5 training footballs, we would recommend the Mitre Impel or the Precision Fusion balls. These are both great quality balls at affordable prices. For a higher quality training ball, the Mitre Impel Plus and Impel Max are the perfect choice.
Our size five match footballs include the Mitre Ultimatch which has always been a popular ball at grass roots level. The Ultimatch range also includes the Ultimatch Plus and Ultimatch Max match balls which are another step up in terms of quality.
The professional range of size 5 match footballs includes the Mitre Delta ball, the Mitre Mitre Delta Plus and the Mitre Delta Max ball which is used by the EFL. All of the Delta balls feature Mitre Hyperseam technology and they are all FIFA Quality balls.

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  1. Mitre Ultimax Pro Football
    Mitre Ultimax Pro - FIFA Match Football - Size 5
    £84.95 RRP £125.00 Save £40.05
    Out of stock
  2. Mitre Ultimax One Match Football
    Mitre Ultimax One - FIFA Match Football
    As low as £29.95 RRP £43.00 Save £13.05
  3. Mitre Ultimatch Max Football
    Mitre Ultimatch Max Football
    As low as £21.95 RRP £33.00 Save £11.05
  4. Mitre Delta Plus Match Ball
    Mitre Delta Plus Football
    As low as £39.95 RRP £62.95 Save £23.00
  5. Mitre Delta One Match Football
    Mitre Delta One Football
    As low as £27.95 RRP £34.99 Save £7.04
  6. Mitre Ultimatch Plus Match Football
    Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football
    As low as £17.95 RRP £24.00 Save £6.05
  7. Mitre Ultimatch Football Balls
    Mitre Ultimatch Football
    As low as £15.95 RRP £23.00 Save £7.05
  8. Set of 10 Mitre Calcio Training Footballs
    Mitre Calcio Training Football - Pack Of 10 with Free Ball Carry Bag
    As low as £74.95 RRP £120.00 Save £45.05
  9. Pack of 10 impels with free bag
    Mitre Impel Footballs - Pack Of 10 With Free Ball Bag
    As low as £76.95 RRP £120.00 Save £43.05
  10. Mitre Calcio
    Mitre Calcio 2.0 Training Football
    As low as £8.45 RRP £12.00 Save £3.55
  11. Precision Fusion Training Ball
    Precision Fusion Training/Match Ball
    As low as £8.95 RRP £12.95 Save £4.00
  12. Mitre Impel Footballs
    Mitre Impel Training Football
    As low as £8.95 RRP £12.00 Save £3.05
  13. Mitre Ultimatch Football Ball - 5 Pack - White
    Mitre Ultimatch Footballs (Pack of 5)
    As low as £78.95 RRP £115.00 Save £36.05
  14. Mitre Impel Max Size 4 Footballs
    Mitre Impel Max Football
    As low as £12.95 RRP £15.00 Save £2.05

17 Items

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