Size 3 Footballs

  • Recommended size for 6 to 9 year olds
  • Ball Circumference 58 to 61cm
  • Training Ball Weight 280 to 340g
  • Match Ball Weight 300 to 340g

Size 3 footballs are used by the under 7s to the under 9s age groups. We can’t stress enough the importance of using the correct size football. After all there is nothing worse than a young child tripping over a ball that is too large.
A size three football will have younger players getting to grips with the game quicker and will improve their confidence, skills and touch. Our size 3 training footballs are cheap to buy and can be bought in multi buy packs of 10 along with a ball carry bag. Size 3 match footballs should be used in mini soccer for the under 7s to under 9s as set out in the FA guidelines.
A size 3 ball measures between 58 and 61 cms around the circumference and weighs 280 - 340g.
We have a range of Precision and Mitre size 3 footballs all at great prices. 

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  1. Mitre Ultimatch Plus Match Football
    Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football
    As low as £17.95 RRP £24.00 Save £6.05
  2. Mitre Ultimatch Football Balls
    Mitre Ultimatch Football
    As low as £15.95 RRP £23.00 Save £7.05
  3. Set of 10 Mitre Calcio Training Footballs
    Mitre Calcio Training Football - Pack Of 10 with Free Ball Carry Bag
    As low as £74.95 RRP £120.00 Save £45.05
  4. Pack of 10 impels with free bag
    Mitre Impel Footballs - Pack Of 10 With Free Ball Bag
    As low as £76.95 RRP £120.00 Save £43.05
  5. Mitre Calcio
    Mitre Calcio 2.0 Training Football
    As low as £8.45 RRP £12.00 Save £3.55
  6. Mitre Impel Futsal
    Mitre Impel Futsal - Size 3 and 4
    As low as £14.95
  7. Precision Fusion Training Ball
    Precision Fusion Training/Match Ball
    As low as £8.95 RRP £12.95 Save £4.00
  8. Mitre Impel Footballs
    Mitre Impel Training Football
    As low as £8.95 RRP £12.00 Save £3.05
  9. Mitre Ultimatch Football Ball - 5 Pack - White
    Mitre Ultimatch Footballs (Pack of 5)
    As low as £78.95 RRP £115.00 Save £36.05
  10. Mitre Impel Max Size 4 Footballs
    Mitre Impel Max Football
    As low as £12.95 RRP £15.00 Save £2.05

12 Items

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