Portable Football Goals

It doesn't matter whether you’re setting up your temporary pitch in a garden, a sports hall or a park; you will need portable goals. These goals can be taken down and packed away after a game, or if they are Samba Goals for use in your garden, left out ready for your next game. Here at the soccer store, we stock a number of products that fit the bill, including goals from leading manufacturers like Samba, Bazooka and Kickster.

 These portable goals take minutes to put up, and they offer all of the resilience that you’d associate with their more permanent counterparts. If you need a goal that is truly portable and can be out up quickly for a game at the end of a session, choose the Bazooka Goal, Samba 5 x 3ft Aluminium Goal or one of the Kickster Goals. If you need something a bit sturdier for a mini-soccer game, then take a look at the Samba Goals.

If you need more information on our range of goals, why not give us a call? We’re always more than happy to answer any questions, and we’d love to tell you more about our portable football goals. 

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  1. Bazooka Goal1
    Bazooka Goal
    As low as £99.95
  2. Samba 6 x 4 Football Goal
    Samba 6ft x 4ft Football Goal - Locking Model
    £69.95 RRP £77.95 Save £8.00
  3. Samba 8x4ft Training Football Goal
    Samba 8ft x 4ft Football Goal - Locking Model
    £74.95 RRP £89.99 Save £15.04
  4. Samba 8 x 6 Football Goal - Locking Model
    Samba 8 x 6 Football Goal - Locking Model
    £89.95 RRP £109.99 Save £20.04
  5. Samba 12ft x 6ft Goal
    Samba 12ft x 6ft Football Goal - Locking Model
    As low as £99.95 RRP £129.99 Save £30.04
  6. Fold a goal - Folded flat
    Samba Fold-a-Goal - 4 in 1 goal
    As low as £129.95 RRP £159.95 Save £30.00
  7. Samba 12 x 6 Match Goals
    Samba 12ft x 6ft Match Football Goal
    £149.95 RRP £215.99 Save £66.04
  8. Samba 16 x 7 Match Goal
    Samba 16ft x 7ft Match Goal
    £179.95 RRP £235.99 Save £56.04
  9. Samba Futsal Goal
    Samba 3M x 2M Futsal Match Goal
    £154.95 RRP £212.99 Save £58.04

19 Items

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