Futsal Balls

  • Futsal Ball Size 3 for players aged under 12.
  • Futsal Ball Size 4 for players aged 13 years and above.
  • The ball is foam filled and has a 30% reduced bounce rate.

Futsal has become really popular over the past few years with The English FA really pushing the game to the forefront. Futsal England. Futsal is a face paced 5-a-side game usually played on an indoor pitch. A smaller low bounce ball is used in the game. Futsal players need close control and high skill levels. As the game is non-stop they also need to be very fit.

Mitre has embraced the game of Futsal from the start with a range of specialist Futsal Balls developed for the game. These balls have foam filled bladders and give a reduced rebound by some 30%. This encourage players to keep the ball on the ground and have more control of the ball.

Futsal balls are available in two sizes. The FA recommends that a size 3 Futsal Ball is used for players under 12 years of age and a size 4 futsal ball used for players aged 13 years and above.
The latest range of Mitre Futsal balls includes the Impel Futsal training football, the Mitre Ultimatch Match football with hyperseam technology and their top of the range match ball the Mitre Delta Futsal which is a FIFA Pro quality match ball.