At The Soccer Store we only sell football balls from established ball manufacturers including Mitre and Precision. Whether you are looking for a football ball for training sessions or cheap footballs for a friendly kick-about with friends, you will find a huge selection right here. Our ball suppliers have really upped their game over the last 5 years. The technology involved, even with the entry level Mitre Impel balls is impressive. We don’t sell Adidas footballs or Nike footballs as we feel that Mitre offer a better and more extensive range giving you better value for money.
It is important that you choose the correct size ball. These are the sizes recommended by the FA
Size 3 Footballs – Under 6 to Under 10 | Size 4 Footballs – Under 10 to Under 14 | Size 5 Footballs – All other age groups.

The full range covers every aspect of the game:

Our training balls are designed for rigorous and regular use and have been tested to give consistent performance. They will deliver many hours of practice on the training pitch. Although we have many to choose from, we particularly recommend the new Mitre Impel which happens to be our most popular ball, it seems that our customers like it too. 

The new range of Impel Football Balls has been simplified to three levels of quality from the entry level 30 panel Impel with soft-touch foam backing, through to the Mid-Level Impel Plus with its hard wearing PU outer, right up to the Impel Max with Hyperseam Technology to limit water ingress to almost zero.
Our Precision Fusion Training balls are IMS approved so could effectively be a great ball for kids playing mini soccer matches.
We offer multibuy deals and the option to personalise your own training balls.  

Our match footballs have been developed to give you added performance and consistency during match play. They have been designed for grassroots football clubs wanting a reliable Match-Day ball.
Our range is based around the new Mitre Ultimatch range. As with the Mitre Impels the Ultimatch balls have been simplified to three levels of quality. The Mitre Hyperseam Technology with near to zero water absorption is a feature of the complete Ultimatch range. The entry level 20 Panel Ultimatch its textured surface for enhanced grip, The IMS approved Ultimatch Plus and the top of the range FIFA quality Ultimatch Max. We can offer multi-buy deals on this range.
As an alternative the Precision Fusion Rotario is a FIFA Quality Match Ball at an incredible price for a ball at this quality level.

Our professional match ball range is based around the new Mitre Delta Pro balls all with Hyperseam Technology.
The entry level 14 panel Delta carries the FIFA Pro Quality accreditation and is available in size 4 and 5 and is suitable for grass or astro-turf use. The mid-level Delta Plus carries the FIFA Pro Quality accreditation mark and has an incredible 1.4mm Japanese PU outer material for improved durability. The top of the range Mitre Delta Max also carries the FIFA Pro Quality stamp and is used the EFL league and cup competitions.

Whether you are playing indoors or on astro-turf, we have a selection of specialist balls for a wide range of playing surfaces, including 3G and Astro-Turf Balls and Futsal Balls. If you’re searching for a particular ball from Mitre, contact us directly, and we will do our very best to source it for you. 

Leather balls were discontinued during the 1970s, as they were notorious for absorbing water and becoming incredibly heavy during the course of a match. Over time, they would become misshapen and almost impossible to use.
Balls are now made with synthetic fibres. Although we do get a few requests for leather balls these are no longer in mass production and have been replaced by much better quality products.

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  1. Pack of 10 impels with free bag
    Mitre Impel Footballs - Pack Of 10 With Free Ball Bag
    As low as £76.95 RRP £120.00 Save £43.05
  2. Set of 10 Mitre Calcio Training Footballs
    Mitre Calcio Training Football - Pack Of 10 with Free Ball Carry Bag
    As low as £74.95 RRP £120.00 Save £45.05
  3. Mitre Impel Footballs
    Mitre Impel Training Football
    As low as £8.95 RRP £12.00 Save £3.05
  4. Mitre Calcio
    Mitre Calcio 2.0 Training Football
    As low as £8.45 RRP £12.00 Save £3.55
  5. Precision Fusion Training Ball
    Precision Fusion Training/Match Ball
    As low as £8.95 RRP £12.95 Save £4.00
  6. Mitre Impel Max Size 4 Footballs
    Mitre Impel Max Football
    As low as £12.95 RRP £15.00 Save £2.05
  7. Mitre Ultimatch Football Balls
    Mitre Ultimatch Football
    As low as £15.95 RRP £23.00 Save £7.05
  8. Mitre Ultimatch Football Ball - 5 Pack - White
    Mitre Ultimatch Footballs (Pack of 5)
    As low as £78.95 RRP £115.00 Save £36.05
  9. Mitre Ultimatch Plus Match Football
    Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football
    As low as £17.95 RRP £24.00 Save £6.05
  10. Mitre Ultimatch Max Football
    Mitre Ultimatch Max Football
    As low as £21.95 RRP £33.00 Save £11.05
  11. Mitre Delta One Match Football
    Mitre Delta One Football
    As low as £27.95 RRP £34.99 Save £7.04
  12. Mitre Delta Plus Match Ball
    Mitre Delta Plus Football
    As low as £39.95 RRP £62.95 Save £23.00
  13. Mitre Ultimax One Match Football
    Mitre Ultimax One - FIFA Match Football
    As low as £29.95 RRP £43.00 Save £13.05
  14. Mitre Ultimax Evo Football
    Mitre Ultimax Evo - FIFA Match Football - Size 5
    £44.95 RRP £63.00 Save £18.05
    Out of stock
  15. Mitre Ultimax Pro Football
    Mitre Ultimax Pro - FIFA Match Football - Size 5
    £84.95 RRP £125.00 Save £40.05
    Out of stock
  16. Mitre Impel Futsal
    Mitre Impel Futsal - Size 3 and 4
    As low as £14.95
  17. Mitre Delta Futsal
    Mitre Delta Futsal Football - White/Pink
    As low as £22.00
  18. Mitre Ultimatch Indoor Football Yellow
    Mitre Ultimatch Indoor Football
    As low as £0.00
    Out of stock

Items 1-24 of 47

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