Football Nets

Choosing the right type of football nets

Flat Run Back Football Nets
If your goal does not have net supports and is simply two post and a crossbar then you will need Flat Run-Back Football Nets. If you are looking for a net that will stand the test of time for your socketed goal posts then choose our heavy duty 3mm twisted twine flat run back nets. Like the Continental net range, they are made from UV resistant and rot proof knotted PE.
You can buy them as a single net or as a pair of nets and they are available in white or a selection of striped colours. You can buy net pegs, net clips and net ties as separate items from our accessories page.

Continental Football Nets
If your goals have nets supports at the top of the goal frame then you will need continental nets.
The minimum twine thickness should be 3mm, even going down to 2.5mm makes a huge difference to the durability of the netting. Our continental football nets are made from 3 or 4mm heavy duty twine and will withstand many seasons of use.
These PE knotted nets are available in white or striped colour fast two tone colours. They are sold as single nets or in pairs

International Nets
These are to fit goals with solid side frames, or freestanding goals that can be moved around the pitch. They usually run back further at the bottom of the goal. International nets are only available for full size goals (24 x 8ft).

Box Nets to fit stadium goals
As the name suggests these nets form a box shape. They are to fit goal frames with net support posts. These are the type of nets that you will at Professional Football Clubs.

Replacement Samba Nets
The durability of our Samba Goals range can mean that after a few years of use the Samba Football Nets will need replacing. We stock the full range of replacement nets to fit your Samba Goal from the smallest 5 x 4ft nets right up to the 16 x 7 nets. Whilst others may skimp on the thickness of twine, even going down as far a paltry 1.6mm, we don’t. All of the nets are made from 2 to 2.5mm thick twine and 100mm squares to comply with current safety regulations. They are weather resistant and rot proof giving you many years of use under the harshest of conditions. The Nets are sold as single nets. Net clips are available to buy separately.

Football Net Accessories
We stock a full range of net accessories including Football Net Clips, Net Pegs and Net Carry Bags.
Most football teams will need to put up and take down nets before and after a game. Carrying a net in a plastic bin bag will not allow it to dry out properly and reduce your nets to a smelly tangle of netting. Our net carry bags have two compartments, one for each net and a mesh side panel which allows your nets to be stored away neatly.
We sell plastic net pegs for soft sandy ground and steel pegs for hard ground. For standard net attachment you will need our Samba net clips. If you have a goal with channels then you will need to use our channel net clips. Of course a net peg hammer always makes a far better job of hammering in the pegs than a centre halves boot!

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