The Crazy Catch Football Training Equipment

Crazy Catch manufactures a range of high quality, portable Rebound Nets. The rebounders are used as training aids for football (and various other sports). The Crazy Catch is the only rebound net with patented net technology which means the rebound is highly unpredictable which tests a player’s first touch and control and is great for keepers to practice their reaction saves. The smaller netting is great for repetition drills which require a consistent feed and again for goalkeepers it’s the perfect way to improve your handling skills. Crazy Catch is used a various professional football clubs around the world including Everton, WBA, Leicester City and also at the FA’s football centre at St Georges Park.
The Crazy Catch is available as either a classic range (recommended for small ball sports like Cricket and Hockey) or the double trouble range (recommended for large ball sports like football and netball) and comes in four sizes from the handheld freestyle right up to the Upstart, Wildchild and our largest Professional model which is great for clubs and schools. The handheld freestyle is a great training aid for goal keepers.
Train INSANE or remain the same …

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