Football Training Equipment

Whether you are a coach of your local 11-a-side team or you simply want to improve your own skills, we have an extensive range of football training equipment – perfect for honing your ball control, passing and agility. We have the answers to all your football coaching equipment needs enabling you to liven up your training sessions and improve the fortunes of your team. With practice equipment to use in your garden to our full range of training equipment for grass root and pro teams you are sure to find what you need here.
The ability to beat players with an explosion of power or a quick change in direction can be a valuable skill to have in your locker, and our quality training equipment is perfect for working on those attributes. We can advise you on the types of equipment you need – depending on your development needs or those of your team.
If you set your goals high and want to improve agility and foot speed, one of our speed ladders, available in various lengths to suit your needs is perfect for the job.

We have a huge range of football marker cones including our brightly coloured sets of standard and jumbo cones, traffic cones and our rubber flat disc markers which can be used both indoors and outdoors. These are all great for marking out your training session and practice routines.

And if you think that you or your team needs to work on the mechanics of running, our specialist speed hurdles are available in a range of sizes, allowing youth and adult players to improve their stride technique. Our hurdle and cone sets give you more flexibility and can be set up in multiple ways to add variation to your football training sessions.
If perfecting upper-body movement is a training priority try a set of our slalom poles that are ideal for weaving in and out of – with the ball or without it. We can supply rubber bases for all of our slalom poles to allow them to be used on astro-turf surfaces during the winter months.
Free kicks around the box give your team a great goal scoring opportunity. To perfect your free kicks, you need to practice over and over. Our free kick mannequins and free kick dummies allow you to do this on the training ground or even in your own back garden. We have mini 4ft mannequins for junior players and youth and adult free kick mannequins for the older players. Our inflatable free kick dummies offer unbeatable quality at an affordable price for pro teams. Our mannequins can be used on astro-turf when used with our weighted mannequin bases.

Training and practice are absolutely essential aspects of football at every level. But if you don’t have the right tools, your team could be at a disadvantage. Our Football Equipment will give your team the professional look. All of our gear is discounted to save you money and available for next day delivery.

  • Football Marker Cones
  • Speed and Agility Hurdles
  • Slalom Training Poles
  • Mesh Training Bibs
  • Football Speed Ladder
  • Adjustable Football Rebounder
  • Jumbo Marker Cones
  • Passing Arcs




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  1. Superdome hurdle set of 10 with bag
    Superdome Hurdle Training Set
    As low as £29.95
  2. Pack of Football Free Kick Mannequins
    Pack of Football Free Kick Mannequins
    As low as £0.00
    Out of stock
  3. Diamond Pro Mini Free Kick Mannequins Red Yellow
    Diamond Mini Pro Mannequin
    As low as £25.95
  4. Folding Free Kick Man Kit
    Folding Free Kick Man Kit
    As low as £65.95
  5. Diamond Multi Surface Football Tennis Net
    Diamond Multi Surface Football Tennis Net
    £39.95 RRP £49.95 Save £10.00
  6. Passing Arc
    Passing Arc
  7. Passing Arc Bases
    Passing Arc Bases
  8. Passing Arc Carry Bag
    Passing Arc Bag
    Out of stock
  9. Set of 10 precision training cones
    Set of 10 Precision Cones
    As low as £0.00
    Out of stock
  10. Escape Belt
    Escape Belt
  11. Diamond Football Superdome Hurdle Set
    Superdome Hurdle Set
  12. Speed Parachute
    Speed Parachute
  13. Power Speed Resisitor
    Power Speed Resister
  14. Precision Leg Toner
    Precision Leg Toner
  15. Diamond Standard Ball Carry Bag
    Diamond Standard Football Carry Bag
    As low as £12.95
  16. Reaction Ball
    Reaction Ball
    As low as £1.95
  17. Set of 5 Reaction Agility Balls
    Set of 5 Reaction Balls
    As low as £8.95

Items 49-72 of 143

of 6
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