One of the most frustrating traits of the young player is that they always look to carry the ball towards the goal they are attacking, no matter what is in front of them. They will try and run through a crowd of opposition players with the inevitable outcome of losing the ball, rather than look around them at the space available.
The 4 goal game encourages them to move the ball forward, sideways and backwards. Possession is the key.
The training pitch is set out 40 metres long by 20 metres wide.
Mark out two goals at each end at the corners of the pitch using football cones set approximately 1 metre apart. Have two teams with 3 to 4 players in each team. The object is for each team to score as many goals as possible in any of the 4 goals. There is no need to referee the game, just let the kids play, they will keep their own score.
The football cones for this exercise are available from the training equipment department at The Soccer Store.