The 3 main things to consider when purchasing your football nets are as follows: Net size: A full size net will be 24ft wide x 8ft high, with a junior size net being 21ft x 7ft. There are a whole range of sizes up to the full size nets to cover 5-a-side goals, 7-a-side goals and 9-a-side goals. Net type: Three measurements should be given when ordering new nets. 1. The size of the goal frame, i.e. 24 x 8ft 2. The runback of the net at the top. This is to accommodate net supports, if they are used. If they are not present then the top runback should be zero. 3. The bottom runback. This tells us how far the net runs back at the bottom. Goals without any type of net support require a net with zero or a flat runback. Goals with nets supports require a continental type net. Goals with a frame to support the sides of the net require International type nets. The final type of net is the box net, where the side of the net is a rectangular shape. These are usually only used by professional clubs. Net twine size: A good quality net should have a twine size of at least 3mm. You can purchase a full range of football nets at The Soccer Store