So, we have all put on a few pounds over the festive period, too many turkey dinners, too much Christmas pudding and a bit too much festive spirit!
Now is the time to get back to the fitness regime. Better a little each day than just the one training session a week with the team.
Just 30 - 40 minutes a day can make a big difference.
Do a 5 minute warm up ending with some stretching exercises and then into a 30 min jog. Time yourself doing a certain route and see how much you can get your time down over the next few weeks. Try varying the jog by putting in some 10 to 20 second sprints. Finally end the session with a warm down.
Try varying your exercises over the coming weeks, doing shuttle sprints with some cones speed and agility work with a speed ladder and moving in and out of slalom poles accelerating and decelerating.
Finally don't for get to do some ball work to improve your control and touch. 10 minutes on your own is far better than 60 minutes with 12 other players.
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