The most common questions we get asked at The Soccer Store regarding football goals are:
I want a goal for my son or daughter but what size do I need to buy?
The standard size football goals for mini soccer, the seven-a-side game played by under 7s to under 11s is 12 x 6foot. If you have a fair size garden this goal will fit well and be in line with the size used for mini soccer.
However if the garden space is not so great a 8 x 6ft or even 8ft x 4ft goal will suffice.
For younger football stars a 5 x 4ft, 6 x 4ft or 8 x 4ft goal is the size you should be looking at.
One point to note is that some of the Samba Goals are modular, the 8x 4ft will convert to an 8 x 6ft and an 8 x 6ft will convert to a 12 x 6ft goal.
The larger 16 x 7ft goals are designed for 9 v 9 football.
AS far as price is concerned with football goals, the more you pay the better the goal. In our opinion at The Soccer Store the best goals around are the Samba Goals. These goals are of a very high quality and will last for years.
The Samba goals come either with a locking system or as a non locking  goal. On the non locking goals the pieces simply slide together with a friction fit. On the sections of the locking goal one will have a spring loaded plunger, the other section will have a hole. As you assemble the two pieces together the plunger on one section pushes down and then pops out through the hole on the other section ensuring that the assembled goal will not come apart even after the fiercest of shots.