The passing arcs sold at The Soccer Store can be used for a variety of routines. The first routine is designed to improve short and long range passing. Position the passing arc with marker cones on either side at 5m, 10m and 20m intervals. Have a player on each side and get them to pass through the arc moving from the 5m marker, back to the 10m marker and then back to the 20m marker. Get them to move backwards and forwards practicing the accuracy of their passes. The second routine involves setting the passing arc out in a slalom course and getting the players to pass through while they go round them either side or even over them, as if avoiding a tackle. Another good use for the arcs is to use them as your goals in your small sided games. This will encourage the players to dribble the football through the goal rather than shooting from distance. This in turn improves close control. The passing arcs can be purchased from our football training equipment section either as singles or as a set of 6 with a carry bag.