Customers often ask us at The Soccer Store, why spend the extra on the Samba Goal Posts. Here are 10 good reasons why you should:
  1. Samba Goal Posts are strong, extremely strong. Customers often to say that they have bought other brands of goal posts and they have only lasted months. A Samba goal will last for years.
  2. Samba football goals are weatherproof, they can be left out all year round, they won't yellow or go brittle.
  3. They are used by pro and amateur clubs around the country.
  4. The Samba range complies to the relevant FA safety standards.
  5. The Samba goal posts are available with the unique locking system ensuring that all of the pieces lock together securely.
  6. They offer great value for money. When you compare the life of a Samba goal to others, over the long term you will save money buying a Samba goal.
  7. Samba football goals are lightweight and portable. They fit in the boot of an average size family car.
  8. They are quick and simple to erect. All of the pieces just slot together. The net clips on using the Samba quick clips provided.
  9. They are fully guaranteed and should anything go wrong The Soccer Store are on hand to resolve any issues and are able to offer replacement parts.
  10. The Samba Goal Posts are available in all sizes from 4 x 2ft  right up to 16 x 7ft
The Samba Goals are one of the best pieces of football equipment you will ever buy. Contact us now at The Soccer Store for more information.