There are a few things to consider when purchasing your new football nets. Firstly and perhaps the most obvious is size. Football nets come in a wide range of sizes from target football goal nets at 4f x 2ft at to full size nets. A full size football goal measures 24ft wide x 8ft high, whereas a Junior size football goal measures 21ft wide x 7ft high. The next thing to consider is what shape of goal will the net need to fit. The net is measured not only on its width and height but also on the top runback (how far the net runs back at the top) and its bottom runback (not surprisingly, how far the net runs back at the bottom). These two measurements are there to accommodate any net supports that may be on the goal. For goals without net supports you can use a net with zero runback at the top. Alternatively you can use a net with a runback at the top but then double peg the net out to take the slack out. This is a valid suggestion because your team maybe playing on different venues where some goals are fitted with net supports and some are not. The third thing to consider is the twine diameter. For full size or junior size nets 2.5 to 3mm is a good quality net. For the smaller size nets 2 to 2.5mm is adequate. Lastly you may want to look at the net colour. In general the full size and Junior nets are white, but the striped nets that we offer at The Soccer Store are becoming more common.

The other point to consider when buying nets are as follows: Net clips The quick clips are the best solution on offer. The nets wrap around the goal frame and the clips are used to clip the net back on itself. A pack of 40 will be enough for a pair of nets. These are available at The Soccer Store for just £5.00 a pack. Net pegs A pack of 10 pegs will peg out 1 net. The steel pegs are best for hard ground, whereas the plastic pegs are best for use on soft ground. Net bag Definitely recommended for nets over 2.5mm diameter in full size or Junior size.