If you are looking to set up your own football team, whether it’s a semi-official one for competing in local tournaments or just for fun with family, friends or work collegues, there are a few basic essentials you will need.

Here is our short list of the basic essentials:

  • Goals – prices start very low for some cheap goal posts, probably much less than you think. The price depends on how sturdy you want the goals to be and the size of the football net
  • Team bibs – you need some way of differentiating the two teams. You could save some money and ask one team to all come in white t-shirts, or similar, but there is always someone who forgets, so it’s worth spending just a little money on at least one set of bibs
  • Training equipment – if you want to get really serious, buy a few cones and start working those muscles and training hard. Not for the faint-hearted but loads of fun!
  • Football – the one thing you must never forget. There are many brands available, Mitre being a good standard one, and the price varies depending on the material of the football and its weight
  • Fun – most of all, enjoy the beautiful game