The top 5 essential pieces of football training equipment.
Marker cones. Used to mark out your playing area, to set up sprinting courses, training routines and pitches for small sided games. The marker cones are one piece of football equipment that every coach should not be without.
Slalom poles. Great for speed and agility routines. Spikes at the bottom of the poles allow them to be used on grass. Alternatively the poles can be inserted into bases to allow them to be used on hard surfaces.
Training Footballs. A good quality ball should last at least a whole season. Make sure that you have the right size. As a guide, size 3, age 6 to 9, size 4, age 9 to 14 and size 5 age 14 plus.
Hurdles. A great piece of equipment for speed, agility and stamina training.
Speed Ladders. These are used for speed and endurance training. A 4m to 9m ladder is recommended for length. They will pack away quite neatly into a storage bag.
No matter what football equipment you are using for your training sessions, remember to keep it fresh, change the content on a weekly basis and have fun!