With spring just around the corner it is time to get out the garden goal posts if you store them away over the winter. Of course not everyone does put them away for the winter months, there is nothing wrong with this as it is perfectly ok to leave them out all year round. Either way there are a few maintenance tips you will need to carry out to get the best out of your goal posts. These are as follows: 1. Give the goals a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any build of dirt etc. 2. Check the nets. Although the nets are rot proof, this will not stop animals having a chew at them. If this is the case you can order spare football nets from The Soccer Store. 3. Assemble the goal, fasten on the net and securely anchor it down. It is advised that on the larger football goals that you 'toe in' the posts to reduce the risk of dip in the crossbar. These 3 steps complete the annual maintenance for the goals. Get the ball out and have fun! If you are looking for new goal posts take a look at the range on offer at The Soccer Store