We have a range of winter football equipment that can be used on astroturf or indoors available at The Soccer Store.
The items designed specifically for this use are as follows:
Flat Disc Markers: These are for use on hard surfaces and provide a non slip marker for laying out pitches and training routines. They come in packs of 10, either multi-coloured or plain white and sell for £10 per pack.
Slalom Pole and Base: The slalom poles are supplied with a spike on the bottom, so they can normally only be used on grass surfaces. The bases allow the poles to be used indoors. The spike sits inside the base.
Passing Arc and Bases: As with the slalom pole the passing arc is normally supplied with spikes. This modified arc has no spikes and is supplied with 2 rubber feet, allowing it to be used on hard surfaces.
Free Kick Mannequin and Base: Again the base for this piece of football equipment allows it to be used on hard surfaces.