The start of the football season is upon us and many of you will be getting back to training.
Before you get any footballs or equipment out of the bag it is important that all players are warmed up properly. The warm up session should be around 15 mins and breaks down as follows.
Five minutes jogging around the football pitch is a good start. It gives the players chance to get things moving and have a bit of a chat to catch up on what has happened during the holidays etc. It is important, especially with younger players to keep it at just a jogging pace.
This can be followed with some static stretching, holding positions but not bouncing on those positions.Shake out each stretch as they are done
Another jogging session of about 5 minutes and then some dynamic stretching involving speed and movement. This can be set up with some marker cones, speed hurdles or slalom poles.
The players should now be ready to do some work with the football.