Here are 8 good reasons why small sided games should play a big part in our football training sessions:

  1. Small side games give each player more touches of the ball and more time on the ball resulting in more skilful play.
  2. The game mimics what the young players would do in the playground. Encourage them to set up their own game and pick their own sides. All of this makes the football more fun.
  3. With no fixed positions players get to play defending, midfield and attacking roles.
  4. With the complications of set plays and fixed positions the game becomes easier to understand.
  5. The game teaches team play, working in triangles and short passes. I wonder how long Arsene Wenger spends with his players playing small sided games. I would say quite a bit and it shows in the way which Arsenal play.
  6. Every player is encouraged to score goals and they get used to scoring goals.
  7. It's fun. Ask any player during a training session what they want to do next and play a game of football will probably be the answer.
  8. Make the pitch small and it will replicate play in tight situations
  9. No goalkeepers are required. No one standing in goal shivering for 30 minutes
  10. It's simple, just mark out the pitch with some marker cones and away you go.