So many times at youth football games you see a coach who is totally out of control. They want to win at all costs. They verbally abuse players on the pitch and do not allow lesser players a chance.
The win at all costs coach is equally as damaging to youth football as the disorganised coach who is not experienced in the game but who is a nice guy.
The coach should be able to teach the young footballer the basic skills in a safe environment. He should be technically aware, organised and confident. The coaching sessions should be fun and varied and leaving the participants wanting to return for more.
The coach should be able to pick the team up after a defeat whilst pointing out one or two learning and development points from the game. It is no use lambasting your team after a game of football just because they have underperformed. This will only make them turn their backs on football, be constructive.
A good coach does not assign player to set positions. A good coach encourages his strongest players and builds confidence in his lesser player.
A good coach knows that in youth football winning is a result of good coaching.