Premier Leisure Stores Ltd has launched a new website Compression Sportswear
The new website will focus on the niche market of compression wear. The product range will include compression tights, compression tops, shorts, socks and calf guards.
The new products are supplied from 2XU, Canterbury, CWX and Compressport.

Compression wear is becoming popular with elite athletes who want to optimise their performance.
The compression tights and shirts are worn to improve performance, prevent injury and speed up recovery times after exercise. This is done by applying compression to the relevant muscle region which improves blood circulation. As a result the blood flow back to the heart is increased which helps remove any harmful lactic acid.
The compression wear garments are made from similar materials as the base layers so provide warmth and comfort and enable sweat to be wicked away.

Take a look at the new website to find out more information.