In these winter months children perhaps spend too much time playing video games. Understandably, when it’s cold and raining outside.
Amazingly, the average child will spend around 2000 hours in front of a screen, watching TV and playing games between their tenth and eleventh birthday. The human brain has evolved to adapt to its surrounding. Spending too much time in front of a screen can cause physical changes that can lead to behaviour problems.
Parents should encourage their children to play outside just like they were doing 20 years ago before the advent of computer games. Ride a bike, climb a tree, get some exercise on the trampoline or play a game of football.
These are all relatively cheap activities for children to partake in. When you take in to consideration that the average video game costs is around £40, the costs of a game collection soon adds up.
A trampoline or climbing frame can be bought for £100 to £200, a garden goal from around £55.
The Soccer Store has a budget range of goals, the Samba Fun Goals that are ideal for garden use.
The goals came in The Telegraphs top 100 gift ideas for kids and were also listed in the Gadget Shows top 10 football games.
As spring approaches it’s time to think about planning for outdoor play time?