New Football Series on BBC 2: The Cup

BBC 2 kicked off a new series last night. The Cup is filmed in the style of a documentary, in  a similar fashion to The Office.
It follows the fortunes of an U11s football team and there over ambitious parents trying to relive their own youth through their children.
Excited parents screaming at young children, coaches and referees, there are certainly some familiar scenes in this first episode!
The plot revolved around a Bolton football team called Ashburn United. If they win the league they qualify for the North and Midlands cup final in Birmingham.
The main character Terry McConnell, a failed footballer for Bolton reserves leads us through the story. Terry dreams of his son Malky playing for Bolton and pulls out all the stops to get him a trial. Malky is less bothered and would prefer to be in the kitchen cooking his Mediterranean dishes.
There are some familiar scenes played out, which I am sure that we have all seen at our local youth football grounds on a Saturday.
Although mildly amusing I am sure that a real life documentary on this subject would be funnier.
Come on Louis Theroux get the film rolling.