The start of the new football season is here and it seems to be an endless wait without our national team involved in any competitive competitions. The, is he staying is he going saga has gone on forever and a bit more, but now the action on the field has begun. You placed all of those rediculous bets with your mates, your team has just signed the latest Rooney and the sun is shining, well sort of.
After 90 minutes your either heralding your team as the champions of your league or condeming them to the relagtion battle zone. Have faith, things will change.
Is it me or are there a lot more wingeing fans around these days. Why do they alway plonk themselves next to me and why do they look like they have never kicked a football in their lives yet proclaim to be experts, until they open their mouths of course?
Anyway, enjoy the football, enjoy the goals, and remember there are other things in life..... or are there?