Size 4 Footballs

  • Size 4 recommended for 9 to 14 year olds
  • Ball Circumference 63.5 to 66cm
  • Training Ball Weight 340 to 390g
  • Match Ball Weight 350 to 390g

We have a great selection of Precision and Mitre size 4 training footballs, match balls and indoor balls. Our best-selling size four balls are the Mitre Impel training balls and the Mitre Ultimatch match balls. These are great quality balls that offer great value for money and are used by grassroots football clubs throughout the UK. They can be used on grass or astro-turf pitches. We offer these balls in multi-buy packs of 10 or a singles.
We also have a range of football accessories including ball carry bags, ball pumps and inflation needles and pressure gauges.

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  1. Mitre Calcio One 24 Set of 10 with free ball sack
    Mitre Calcio One Footballs - Pack Of 10 - New Ball 2024
    As low as £74.95 RRP £120.00 Save £45.05
  2. Mitre Impel One set of 10 with Free Bag
    Mitre Impel One Footballs - Pack Of 10 With Free Ball Bag - New 2024 Ball
    As low as £79.95 RRP £120.00 Save £40.05
  3. Impel One Training Football
    Mitre Impel One - New 2024 Ball
    As low as £8.49 RRP £12.00 Save £3.51
  4. Set of 10 Mitre Calcio Training Footballs
    Mitre Calcio Training Football - Pack Of 10 with Free Ball Carry Bag
    As low as £69.95 RRP £120.00 Save £50.05
    Out of stock
  5. Mitre Calcio
    Mitre Calcio 2.0 Training Football
    As low as £8.45 RRP £12.00 Save £3.55

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