There is so much football training equipment you can buy these days, but do you know what to do with it all? We will start with just five recommendations for what to do with your football training equipment, and give you five more recommendations next month. This way you will find that you have a catalogue of football training games to play with your team. Your team’s minds and technique will constantly evolve when mixing in different football training equipment and games.

If you are a football coach then you have definitely come to the right place. Not only do we sell all the training equipment but we will also help you with how to use them to maximise player learning. Here are a couple of tips on how to use some of our football training equipment:

Football Training Equipment Cones

There are so many things you can use football cones for such as marking out pitches, setting up football training sessions, and for distance markers. The great thing about them is that they are cheap and the use for them is almost never-ending. Here is one football training game you can play with your football team using the football cones:

Four Cone Football Training Game – This game involves two players and 4 football cones. Both players start on the opposite football cones. The first player starts the game by passing the football to player 2. Once player 2 is in possession of the football, player 1 then has to try and win the football back. Player 2 will gain points by dribbling the ball to each of the football cones without losing the football to player 1.

Football Training Hurdles

The football training hurdles may look like they belong more on the field track than in football training sessions but they are very useful for player’s speed and agility. The hurdles are in fact an essential piece in football training equipment and very popular among football coaches. Here is how you can use the football training hurdles:

Hopping Zig Zag Football Training – This game involves all the team and as many football training hurdles as you want. All you have to do with this is set your football training hurdles in a zig zag formation and ask your players to form a line. Once everyone is ready, tell them to one at a time hop over each hurdle and sprint back to the back of the line to start again on the other foot. If your players are old enough you can set a punishment such as 2 laps around the pitch if they knock down a hurdle or put their other foot down.

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