Whether you are buying a match or training football you will need to choose the correct size. It stands to reason that different age groups should use different size footballs.

What Size Are Size 3 Footballs?

Footballs are available in 5 different sizes from Size 1 mini footballs to adult Size 5 footballs. A Size 3 football is used by the youngest age group playing mini soccer 5 a side and 7 a side football.

How Big Are Size 3 Footballs?

The circumference of a size 3 ball should be between 58 – 61cm.

This would be 18.5 – 19.50cm in diameter. Although this is quite a bit smaller than the full-size ball it is well suited to a player of a younger age. The weight of the size 3 football also need to be controlled. After all is would no use having a smaller ball for a child that weights the same as an adult size ball.

For a training ball the weight should be between 280 and 340g and for a match play football the weight is slightly heavier and should be between 300 and 340g.

What Age Groups Should Use Size 3 Footballs?

Size 3 footballs should be used by age groups 6 – 9 years. Using the right size football as you practice the basics, pick up skills and learn to control the ball is important. A larger ball will slow down the learning process. 

In general, the high street stores only sell full-size footballs so you will need to visit a specialist supplier like The Soccer Store to buy your size 3 football. You can buy a single size 3 football for use at home or bulk buy size 3 footballs for club or school use.

What Size 3 Football Brand Should I Buy?

We sell a range of size 3 footballs at The Soccer Store. Our most popular size 3 training balls are the Mitre Calcio or the Mitre Impel size 3.

These are great quality training balls and used by all age groups at grassroots level football. The Mitre Ultimatch size 3 is our most popular match ball and is perfect for league matches.