Football rebounder nets have become very popular over the past few years. Rebounders are used by both outfield players and goalkeepers. For outfield players they can be used to improve their first touch be that with their feet, head or chest, work on their ball control and volleying or to strengthen their weaker foot through repetition. For goalkeepers the rebound nets can be used to improve reaction time and handling.

Rebounders vary in size and are available to suit all budgets. They can be used by a single player or a group of players making them an essential and flexible part of your training kit.

Quality varies on the wide range of football rebound nets available. It is recommended to buy a rebounder where the net is fastened to the frame with spring clips rather than just being wrapped around the frame with elastic, as the rebound nets on these type of cheaper rebounders tend to become loose over time. It is also recommended to buy a rebound net with a one-piece frame.

Our Top 5 Football Rebounder Nets

Standard Football Rebounder
Standard Football Rebounder 75 x 75 or 100 x 100
These rebounder nets offer great value for money. Available in two sizes the 75 x 75cm for home use in confined spaces and the larger 100 x 100cm for those with larger gardens or for club use. Quality is not compromised and these rebounders feature a durable one-piece frame with the net held on by sprung clips. They can be set up at different angles to give the rebounding ball a different trajectory (but do not lock at these angles, see the Adjustable Rebounder).

Adjustable Football Rebound Net
Adjustable Football Rebound Net 100 x 100
The adjustable rebounder can be locked at different angles giving the returning ball a different trajectory. The solid frame on this rebounder will withstand all you can throw or kick at it. As with all good football rebounders the net is held in place with sprung clips keeping it tight at all times. The large 100 x 100cm frame makes this rebounder suitable for both club or garden use.

CC Profesional Football Rebounder
Crazy Catch Professional Rebound Net
This is one of the largest rebounder nets available. The frame is 148 x 91cm giving the user a lot of net to aim at. This is a high quality rebounder best suited for outfield players and goalkeepers at professional football clubs. There are two options available, the Classic rebounder and the Double Trouble rebounder. The Classic is a double sided rebounder with a different net on each side. One side gives a predictable rebound whilst the other side is configured to give an unpredictable rebound, perfect for improving reactions. The Double Trouble is also a double sided rebounder with both sides giving an unpredictable rebound, perfect for goalkeepers.

Freestyle Goalkeeper Rebounder
Precision Hand Held Rebounder
This is one just for goalkeepers working with a coach. The goalkeeper would throw the ball at the rebounder and the coach holds the rebounder different angles so that the ball rebounds back to the keeper. The hand held rebounder is great for goalkeeper warm up sessions.

Kickster 8 x 5 Football Rebounder
Kickster 8 x 5 Spot Rebounder

The unique selling point of this rebounder net is its portability. The net can be set up in 90 seconds and be packed away in a neat carry bag after use. This makes it ideal for use when training sessions are held at different venues. The Spot Rebounder has been tested at ball speeds of up to 70mph so should withstand anything that you can kick at it.

So there you go, our top 5 football rebounder nets. All of them have been designed to be used in different situations. The Standard or Adjustable football rebounders should be suitable for most players, with the Crazy Catch Freestyle for Goal Keeper warm ups and the Crazy Catch Professional aimed at Club use.