Mitre has launched a new training ball for 2014. The Mitre Primero Football replaces the popular Mitre Calcio which has been their most popular training ball used by grass roots football clubs, schools and colleges for years.
The Calcio was always a popular ball and was very hard wearing but had the drawback that in became hard during the colder winter months. Being hit in the face by a calico ball on a cold January night was not a pleasant experience!

The new improved ball features a soft touch surface but still retains the durability of the old ball. The soft touch surfaces used on training and match balls has become more popular in recent years. To manufacture a ball of this quality at such a low price is a real achievement.
The Primero is a 32 panel, machine stitched ball with a reinforced bladder. This allows the ball to keep its shape and size whilst maintaining its pressure over a long period. The ball can be used on all playing surfaces including grass, 3G and astro-turf and comes in size 3, 4 and 5. It is available in either white or fluo yellow.

The Soccer Store is giving away 10 Mitre Primero balls. To stand a chance of winning just Tweet Google+1 or like this post. (One winner will get 10 Mitre Primer balls. Competition Ends 14th March 2014)