There is a huge range of both plastic and metal football goals available to buy. Which goal to go for depends on a number of factors.

  • Where the goal is to be used
  • Is the goal to be used on a grass or hard surface
  • Does the goal need to be portable?
  • Do you need to store the goal away?
  • Is a heavyweight goal required?
  • How much you want to pay for the goal

Where the goal is to be used

If you are in search of a garden goal to be used by children, then your focus will be on plastic garden goals. The top brand for this type of goal has always been Samba Goals. These are manufactured in the UK and can be found in the gardens of every football mad child.
Although these goals are plastic they will withstand anything that you can kick at them. As they are constructed from plastic and fully weatherproof they can be left outside all year round and require very little maintenance.
There are some retailers selling cheap metal football goals but these are usually made of thin metal tubing and should be avoided. If you really want to go to town on your garden goal, MH Goals offer a range of 80mm Diameter Aluminium Goals which will transform your garden into a mini Wembley Stadium.

If the goal is to be used on a School or Football Club Pitch, then a Plastic Football Goal can be used provided that the games are supervised. Plastic goals that are left unattended overnight on School and Council pitches can fall foul to vandalism.
If the goal is to be left unattended then a Metal Goal is recommended. These will stand up to a greater amount of rough treatment.

Is the goal to be used on a grass or hard surface?

Plastic and metal goals can be used on both surfaces. They will need to be anchored down to comply with safety regulations. Ground anchors can be used on grass surfaces, whilst counterweights or sandbags will be required on hard surfaces.
For grass pitches where the goals are to be left out, a metal socketed goal is a good option. The socket is concreted into the ground and the posts slide into the sockets. For extra security the goals can be locked into the sockets. This is the most common set up for Council pitches as the goals are secure and cannot be moved.

Does the goal need to be portable?

If you are planning to transport a goal to a venue, then the plastic goals are your only real option. Although metal goal posts can be moved around a pitch they are not suitable for transportation. This is due to their weight and assembly.

Plastic goals can easily be dismantled and stored in a carry bag. Two mini soccer goals will comfortably fit into the back of the average family car so these are ideal for youth football games which are often played at neutral venues.

Do you need to store the goal away?

If the goal needs to be stored away at a School or Sports Centre, then metal goals with folding side frames are best suited. These goals fold flat so take up the minimum of space in a storage cupboard. Another option is to use an aluminium goal with a removable crossbar. On these goals the posts are located into sockets (which are concreted into the ground) and the crossbar is attached to the goal using a quick release mechanism. After a game the crossbar is removed and the posts taken out of the sockets. All 3 parts can then be stored away safely.

If your budget does not run to a pair of metal football goals, then you could use the innovative Samba Playfast goals which have folding side frames to allow them to be stored easily without completely dismantling them.

Is a heavyweight goal required?

If the goals are to be left on an open public pitch, a pair of heavyweight steel socketed goals is a good option. These are made from 76mm heavyweight steel section. The goals are socketed into the ground and the posts can be locked into place to prevent them from being moved. The crossbars and posts on these goals will withstand a fair amount of abuse.

How much you want to pay of the goal

As always budget will play a part in your choice of goals. The goals we offer at The Soccer Store are all of good quality and will be more than fit for purpose. We would not recommend spending less on cheaper goals as these can often turn out be a false economy.

If you need any help in choosing your goal, then do not hesitate to contact us. 01270 257892