The days of jumpers for goalposts and playing football on the streets until dusk are long gone. Our children are spending their formative years on gaming consoles and tablet computers, and they’re not getting the exercise they need. Obesity levels amongst kids are rising as a result, and technical skills at the very top of the professional game in Britain are suffering from a knock-on effect. But there is some hope – all you need is a small patch of grass and one of these simple yet effective football toys.

A Samba Goal

The Samba brand is synonymous with quality goalposts the world over. Manufactured with high-impact plastic, they are lightweight, highly mobile and lots of fun. Whether you’re planning to use them at the local park or in your own garden, their simple design makes constructing and dismantling them a quick and simple process. An innovative locking system holds them firmly in place during play, and they’re sufficiently compact and mobile for storage in the average garden shed. Organise impromptu football sessions wherever you and your children are with a Samba goal, and ensure your kids develop technique, get fit and have lots of fun in the process.

The Nerf Weather Blast Ball

If you are looking for outdoor toys that are durable and versatile, the Nerf Weather Blast Ball is ideal. It is made with a weather-resistant casing that withstands regular punishment on all surfaces. It also designed to offer added grip during wet weather sessions. You can choose from a range of colours – allowing your kids to choose a ball that represents their favourite team’s colours. Your boys can be as hard on this ball as they like, as it won’t lose its covering over time like standard balls do.

The Football Flick Urban.

Football toys for kids help them to perfect their skills in almost any outdoor location, and that is why the Football Flick Urban is so popular. The Football Flick Urban has 3 skill sections. The front curved ramp is used to flick the ball into the air. The rebounder net on the rear can be used to hone your ball control whilst the net in the middle of the unit can be used to finesse your passing. All of this for just £99.95 makes this football toy a great bargain.

A Crazy Catch Rebound Football System

With the Crazy Catch rebounders your kids can kick the ball to their heart’s content, and it will keep coming back. This is a great way to get them practising control and touch. There are 3 sizes available and they are all constructed with the same heavy duty frame, ensuring that they will stand the test of time.
The Crazy Catch rebounders are available with two different rebound surfaces. The Sane side gives a consistent rebound, whilst the insane side will send the ball back to you in a completely random direction, keeping you on your toes and improving your reaction time.

A Mookie Soccer Swingball

The tennis-based version of the Mookie Soccer Swingball is one of the most popular outdoor toys in the world. Instead of using a bat and a tennis ball, this sturdy toy relies on a football and a sweet right foot. Players must volley the ball as it swings their way on an elasticated length of string. The object of the game is to get the ball to swing all the way to the top or bottom of the supporting pole – depending on which way they are kicking. It is weighted down with water, and it can be easily emptied and stored away in the garden shed.

Kids should be out in the fresh air more – getting the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. At a time when participation in football is declining, what better way to get your own children involved in the game than giving them one of these superb outdoor football toys?

If you think we have missed any outdoor football toy off our list please let us know.