If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable football goal that doesn’t compromise on quality or safety, the full range of Samba football goals is ideal. Manufactured to exacting standards and with high-grade uPVC, these exceptional products deliver all the performance and benefits of professional match goals. They’re used by professional clubs and associations around the world because they deliver a range of benefits for effective training, and they could enhance your own coaching sessions in five significant ways.

1. Change training areas with ease

Depending on your training priorities, you may want to change the dimensions of a pitch from time to time. You may also train several different age groups in consecutive sessions – meaning quick pitch changes are essential. Samba match football goals are made with a unique locking system, which means they can be picked up and moved safely by just two capable adults. There’s no need to dismantle them or root them into their new position either, as their roof and extended footprint means they stay in place in all weathers.

2. Take your training sessions on the road

They say a change is as good as a rest, and you can now take your players on the road in order to give them a change of surroundings from time to time. Samba goals are lightweight and easy to take apart, and they can be loaded onto a team bus or the boot of a car with relative ease. So, whether you want to take your players to the beach for a change of scenery or you’re forced to be flexible on training locations, Samba goals provide the ideal solution.

3. Set up drills in a matter of seconds

A reliable, regulation-size goal is an absolute must for shooting, defending and set-piece drills. In fact, there are dozens of effective drills that require the use of a goal. But instead of being confined to one end of a pitch, you can set up your training drills absolutely anywhere if you have a set of Samba goals at your disposal. They can be moved around with ease, and their innovative design means you won’t have to worry about them moving out of place in the middle of a drill. This flexibility gives you the freedom to supervise training sessions on any area of a pitch.

4. Get kids used to playing with professional quality goals

Samba goals are available in the full range of FA-approved dimensions, so you can benefit from their lightweight, portable nature whilst giving your players realistic and effective match preparation. These quality products comply with the full range of British safety standards, as well as the FA’s own regulations on goal-size and design. So, you get all the benefits of professional goals and the flexibility of being able to set up training pitches almost anywhere.

5. Your training sessions go wherever you go

Samba goals are manufactured with a durable uPVC, and this means they can be carried around easily – without strength and rigidity being compromised. So, whether your players are honing their skills in their own gardens or practising before a tournament match, they can have a quality set of goals in situ within a matter of minutes.

When you buy a set of Samba goals, you know you are getting quality and reliability that is simply unsurpassed. Whether you're looking for professional standard goals or smaller football goals for some enhanced shooting practice, these quality products can always be relied on. Samba Sports has been manufacturing exceptional products for more than 18 years, and professional players, clubs and associations around the world depend on their goals for safe, flexible and effective coaching sessions. Stable, lightweight and extremely hard-wearing, Samba football goals can enhance almost any training session.