Football Pitch Size Guide: Football Pitch Size Explained

Have you ever watched a football game on TV and thought about the official football pitch size for professional games? Some of the football pitch dimensions differ, depending on the club’s preferences and the size of the stadium, however, so the answer is not a simple one. 

Asking “how big is a football pitch?” is a lot like asking how long is a piece of string. That’s because football is such a universal game — enjoyed in many formats by people of many ages and ability levels in every corner of the planet. 

Put simply, football field size depends on the level at which the game is being played. And even then, the total area of a football pitch isn’t an exact figure; it’s actually a range.

If you’re in charge of your club’s football pitch size, you actually have an element of choice when it comes to deciding on the exact dimensions. But there’s a maximum and minimum value for both length, width and total area.

To ensure you’re not breaking any rules, it’s a good idea to avail yourself of the official football pitch dimensions as they’re described by FIFA.

What Are the Standard Football Pitch Sizes?

To simplify this question a little, it’s best to break it down into length, width and total area.

How Big is a Football Pitch?

The width of a football pitch is determined by the format and age group of the game. And there’s a good reason for that. 

Imagine watching an under-7 team playing on a full-size adult pitch. There’d be very little action, as the children would spend more time running towards the ball than controlling or passing it. 

In order to ensure games are competitive and develop the skills of the youngsters playing in them, football pitch dimensions get bigger the older the players are. 

But as a grounds person, you have some leeway when it comes to painting the football pitch markings. According to FIFA’s football pitch size rules, there’s an acceptable range for the length, width and total area.

How Long is a Football Pitch?

How long is a football pitch in feet? That’s the question you need the answer to if you’re in charge of creating age-appropriate football dimensions. 

According to FIFA’s laws of football, the length of a standard adult football field — from goal line to goal line must be between 90 metres and 120 metres. And as you can see, that’s quite a large range of play with. In feet, the length of a football pitch must be between 295 feet and 394 feet. However, it’s worth noting that FIFA’s law measures the range in metres, not feet.

How Wide Is a Football Pitch?

Again, the width of a football pitch depends on the format or age group. For a standard adult, 11-a-side football pitch, the minimum width is 45m and the maximum width is 90m, according to FIFA.

As long as your football pitch markings are within these ranges, your pitch is legal for adult, 11-a-side games. It’s important to speak with your club’s head coach about the exact dimensions you choose. A coach who prefers a wide, expansive game with direct balls might favour a longer, wider pitch. A coach who favours playing a narrow game with lots of short, snappy passing might prefer the narrower, shorter pitch. 

What is the Total Area of a Football Pitch?

The total area of a football pitch is its length multiplied by its width. This means that the smallest an adult, 11-a-side pitch can be is 4050m2, and the biggest it can be is 10,800m2. As you can see, that’s quite a difference. Your head coach’s style of play should be the determining factor in where within this large range your pitch sits.

What Is the Size of a 5-a-side Football Pitch?

Five-a-side football is the most popular short-sided version of the game played in the UK. It’s generally played in leisure centres and dedicated indoor and outdoor football facilities. It’s also a popular training tool used by professional coaches. 

A 5-a-side football pitch is, obviously, a lot smaller than its full-size counterpart. And again, the exact 5-a-side football pitch size you choose depends on the space you have and how the coach prefers to play the game. 

  • The 5-a-side pitch size according to FIFA should be no less than 30m in length and 20m wide. 
  • The football 5s court size should be no more than 35m in length and 25m wide. 

The FA recommends that the under-7s and under-8s age groups should use a 5 v 5 pitch size. It’s also worth noting that domestic football authorities such as the FA in England have their own regulations on football pitch dimensions. For example, the FA says the 5-a-side pitch size should be 36.6m long and 27.5 m wide.

What is the Size of a 7-a-side Football Pitch?

The 7-a-side football pitch size is understandably a little larger than the 5-a-side version. This is because there needs to be room for an extra four players. 

While the 7-a-side pitch size can be used for amateur adult games, it’s most commonly used for the under-9s and under-10s age categories. 

  • A 7-a-side pitch should be no less than 45m in length and 30m wide, according to FIFA.
  • The 7v7 pitch size is a maximum of 50m in length and 35m wide.

The FA recommends that 7-a-side football dimensions should be used for under-9s and under-10s. And the exact dimensions can differ depending on the governing body. The FA in England, for example, stipulate that 7-a-side pitch dimensions should be 54.86m long and 36.6m wide.

What is the Size of a 9-a-side Football Pitch?

The 9v9 pitch size must accommodate up to 18 players and a referee, so it should be slightly larger than the 5v5 and 7v7 versions. 

Again, there is some leeway when it comes to creating the exact 9v9 pitch dimensions on your pitch. According to FIFA, the following ranges apply to 9-a-side pitch size:

  • A 9-a-side football pitch size should be a minimum of 60m in length and 45m wide.
  • Football pitch dimensions for 9v9 games should not exceed 67m in length and 50m in width

The under-11s and under-12s age-groups play with a 9 aside pitch size. But governing bodies have the power to choose the exact dimensions. For example, FA 9v9 pitch dimensions are 73.1m long by 45.72m wide. 

What is the Size of an 11-a-side Football Pitch?

The 11-a-side football pitch size is the set of dimensions used in the adult professional game. That said, these dimensions can vary, depending on the governing body’s laws. But there’s a range of dimensions stipulated within FIFA’s laws of the game. 

  • The 11-a-side pitch size must be no less than 90m long and 45m wide. 
  • The maximum dimensions for an 11-a-side football pitch size are 120m in length and 90m in width.

As you can see, this gives professional football clubs a lot to play with when it comes to creating football pitch markings. 

The English FA stipulates that an 11-a-side football pitch size can be between 90m and 120m long and between 45m and 90m wide. This is why no two Premier League clubs have exactly the same football pitch dimensions. 

But there are slightly different dimensions for children’s 11-a-side football:

  • Under-13s and under-14s should have an 11-a-side football pitch size of 82.2m by 50.2m.
  • Under-15s and under-16s should have an 11-a-side pitch size of 91.4m by 54.8m.
  • Adults playing in the National League System should have an 11-a-side football pitch size of 100.5m by 65m. 

Football Pitch Size FAQs

What Size is a Premier League Football Pitch?

Premier League clubs must have football pitch measurements that fall within the FA’s range of 90m-120m in length and 45m to 90m in width. Managers and coaches consult with groundskeepers to create a football pitch layout that suits the team’s style of play while remaining within the permitted range. 

For example, the Anfield pitch size in Liverpool is 101m by 68m. But at Old Trafford, the football field size is 106m by 69m. That’s quite a big difference. 

Which Football Pitch Is the Biggest?

The largest football pitch allowable by FIFA is 120m by 90m. The maximum allowable area of a football pitch is therefore 10,800m2. In the UK, one of the largest football pitches can be found at the home of Manchester United — Old Trafford. The pitch size there is 106m by 69m. That compares with the much smaller Anfield pitch size of 101m by 68m.

It’s worth noting that clubs can and do change their football pitch sizes according to the head coach’s instructions. 

What is the Smallest Football Pitch in England?

At present, the smallest football pitch size in the Premier League can be found at the home of Wolves. Their Molineux ground has football pitch dimensions of 100m by 64m.

Choose Football Pitch Measurements That Suit Your Style of Play

The first thing you should do as someone responsible for your club’s football pitch dimensions is avail yourself of your league or governing body’s laws on the subject. And then talk to the head coach about the exact dimensions you should choose if you’re allowed any leeway.