Grassroots football is becoming increasingly competitive, and a professional approach is often required in order to gain the slightest of competitive edges. More and more coaches are turning to technology for this edge, which is why football coaching apps are so popular right now. With so many to choose from on the market today, it’s important to know what the best ones are capable of. These six coaching apps can be used to hone tactics, enhance player development and maximise performance on match days.

1. The FA Coach’s App - £6.99

The FA Coach’s App is a comprehensive tool that allows coaches to plan almost every facet of a coaching session in advance. Based on the enormously popular i-Drills app, this impressive piece of software allows coaches to set up very specific drills and work on particular areas of the game on smart phones and tablet computers. This app makes it possible to keep players up to date with forthcoming sessions, share particularly effective drills with other coaches and call upon tried and tested coaching methods employed by users of the app from all over the world. The FA Coach’s App also lets coaches know exactly what equipment is needed to complete drills and training sessions successfully.

2. 24/7 Coach Football - £9.99

24/7 Coach Football is a user-friendly app that has been designed to help players improve both technically and tactically. Coaches can place icons and markers around the screen simply by dragging them with a finger, and player and ball movement lines can be drawn in the same way. There are several pitch dimensions to choose from, including futsal, half pitch and full pitch, and there is also a function that allows coaches to set bespoke dimensions. It is possible to take screenshots or send tactics to players and fellow coaches in a matter of seconds, and the app is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. For the best experience, this app should be used on a full-size iPad.

3. Football Coach – Free

Football Coach is an Android app that is currently free to download. Its rather basic design is functional and easy to navigate, and it allows you to plan the basics of your training sessions in seconds. You can store your favoured tactics for future use, and meticulously plan every aspect of your drills, including set-ups for corners, free-kicks, open play and throw-ins. You can select from a set of pre-defined training drills based on shooting, team play, dribbling, physical exercise and individual technique. Although this app doesn’t give you the option of creating different pitch dimensions, it is a great resource for coaches who are new to this type of technology.

4. Coach’s Eye - £3.99

The Coach’s Eye app has been designed for the iPhone and the iPad, and it records players as they move around with the ball. In the style of Gary Neville in the Sky Sports studio, coaches can slow down, pause and fast forward the action in order to identify areas of play or technique that warrant attention. It is possible to annotate the video analysis with arrows and shapes, and there is also a function that allows coaches to narrate feedback – perfect for pre-match team talks on a big screen. Players can also upload their own videos to the app, so coaches around the world can deliver constructive feedback.

5. Soccer Dad - £3.99

Soccer Dad is a fun coaching app that is available for both iPhone and iPad. Designed primarily for children’s football, this great looking app allows coaches to set training schedules, save formations, communicate with parents and save details on all of the players at a club. The schedules created on this app integrate seamlessly with the iOS calendar, and it’s also possible to assign a photo to each player name - which can be used for team selections and the setting of formations. If you’re looking for help with the administrative side of grassroots football, this is definitely the app for you.

6. Soccer Coaching Drills – Free

If you’re looking for a comprehensive football coaching app that won’t break the bank, Soccer Coaching Drills for the iPad and iPhone could be ideal. The app comes complete with more than 100 training drills, and they are accompanied by detailed video demonstrations and written instructions to make things as easy as possible to replicate on the pitch. Drills are divided into attacking, dribbling, defending, passing, ball control and ‘pass like Barcelona’ categories. If you’re ever stuck for new training drill ideas, this app will prove to be a hugely valuable resource.

Of course you will also need a good need a good range of football coaching equipment to set up the training sessions recommended in these Apps and keep the sessions fresh and interesting.